Debra is synonym for quality, traceability and control


Debra-Group is a fixed value in terms of quality control, traceability and food safety. A comprehensive quality plan monitors every step in the production process with regard to several parameters, from raw materials to shipment. These parameters are subject to continuous monitoring. With the approach described above, we aim for integral chain control and, at the same time, also promote transparency in the field of quality.

Moreover, the high frequency of staff training courses and work instructions ensures that everyone in our company contributes actively to the achievement of this plan. It is thanks to the support of our employees that Debra-Group can guarantee the following quality labels:


Debra-Group obtained the BRC Global Standard Food certificate – level A – for:

  • slaughtering of pigs
  • commercialization of the red and white organs
  • cutting, deboning, packing and deep-freezing of pork
  • trade and transport of pork
  • washing of casings


Debra BRC Certificate 2018 (PDF – 190KB)



Tielt expert slaughterhouse (EG 17) and Debra-Meat (EG 17/1) have both been accredited by CERTUS. In terms of pork, this is the quality label par excellence, with Europe-wide recognition. The label guarantees the entire production chain, from pig farmer to consumer. Every link is regularly subjected to inspections, focusing on, among other factors, animal welfare, feed, bacteriology, etc.




Debra-Group has its own in-house lab with an expert team of employees that is continuously trained. Quality inspections and analyses are carried out on a daily basis. In order to prevent prejudice and tunnel vision, the group also has the support of a consultancy office and an external accredited lab.

Our internal laboratory allows for comprehensive analyses to be carried out. We carry out random tests on products, machines, materials … on a daily basis, and guarantee optimal quality in this way.

Some examples of this are:

  • Testing on microbiological parameters, including pathogens
  • Hygiene inspections
  • Recognized trichinae testing on all pigs
  • Kidney tests to detect any use of antibiotics
  • Measurement of the pH value to detect stress levels
  • Environmental tests, particularly with regard to biological water purification
  • Participation in ring tests, invariably with good results