Debra-Group is a family business based in West Flanders that combines the experience and expertise of three generations. Our company will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020.

1st generation

  • 1920: Alfred De Brauwer buys live pigs in the Tielt region for trading on the cattle market in Brussels.

2nd generation

  • 1957: Julien De Brauwer buys the ‘Slaughterhouse Tielt’ to slaughter his own pigs and cattle, and later also those of third parties. He starts with a rate of 500 pigs a week at 40 carcasses/h.
  • 1960: Scalding tank and dehairing machine investment project.

3rd generation

  • 1972: Geert De Brauwer, son of …, takes over the management.
  • 1974-1976: Investment project – construction of a new slaughter line for 120 carcasses/h
  • 1978: End of the cattle activities
  • 1979: Geert De Brauwer establishes Debra-Meat. Pigs are cut in the old cattle cooling area at a rate of 4 pigs a day.
  • 1980: Construction of a waste processing unit and physicochemical water treatment system.
  • 1990-1991: Modernisation of the slaughter infrastructure to 400 carcasses/h.
  • 1995: Purchase of the adjacent freezer house and foundation of Debra-Freeze.
  • 1996: Construction of a biological water treatment system.
  • 2002: Purchase of company buildings adjacent to the freezer house.
  • 2003: Construction of a new cutting room.
    Expansion of the cooling rooms and modification of the slaughter line to 625 carcasses/h in order to increase the capacity to over 1 million pigs.
  • 2007: Expansion of the cooling rooms.
  • 2010: Expansion of the cooling rooms in order to increase the capacity to over 1.5 million pigs.
  • 2010: Arrival of the new generation, Thomas De Roover De Brauwer.
  • 2013: Establishment of “Butchery to order”
  • 2014: Expansion of the cooling rooms in order to increase the capacity to over 2 million pigs.
  • 2014: Expansion of the stys in order to provide the pigs with more spacious accommodation.